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I am american, day 1


Your Health: Natural Fat Fighters? Scientists Take a Fresh Look at Old Remedies

If you're trying to slim down, you've probably resigned yourself to the fact that you'll have to eat less and exercise more. But wouldn't it be great if there were some way to make weight loss a little easier?

Scientists around the world are working hard to create new drugs that can melt away body fat effortlessly.

your health continued

How to Reclaim Your Life
by Alexander Green

Reclaim Your Life continued

Fish, walnuts reduce heart disease risk

LOMA LINDA, Calif. (UPI) -- In healthy individuals, walnuts lower cholesterol more than fish, fatty fish lower triglycerides and both lower heart disease risk, U.S. researchers said.

"The practical significance of the study is that eating an easy-to-incorporate amount of walnuts and fatty fish can cause meaningful decreases in blood cholesterol and triglycerides even in healthy individuals," lead author Sujatha Rajaram of Loma Linda University School of Public Health said in a statement.

The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that incorporating approximately 1.5 ounces of walnuts -- a handful of whole nuts or about three tablespoons of chopped nuts -- into the daily diet lowered serum total cholesterol by 5.4 percent and low-density lipoprotein, or "bad," cholesterol by 9.3 percent compared to a control diet based on U.S. Department of Agriculture recommendations.

Using American Heart Association guidelines, the researchers also found that a diet including two servings of fatty fish per week -- roughly four ounces each -- decreased triglyceride levels by 11.4 percent.

Additionally, it increased high-density lipoprotein, or "good" cholesterol, by 4 percent, but also slightly increased LDL cholesterol compared to the control diet. The fish used in the study was salmon.

"If fatty fish is not a preferred option for marine-derived omega-3 fat, other options include microalgae oil or DHA-enriched eggs," Rajaram said.

It is always wiser to use a debit card for purchases than racking up more credit card debt.
Banks and credit unions have long pitched debit cards as a convenient and prudent way to buy. What is marketed as overdraft protection, allows the exceeding of current balances - at a hefty cost to consumers. The New York Times recently reported that, in fact, banks now make more covering overdrafts from debit card purchases than they do on penalty fees from credit cards. These fees are expected to bring in over $27 billion this year alone. Recent studies show that some banks further increase their revenue by manipulating the order of a customer's transactions - processing larger ones first, to try to incur more overdraft fees. According to an F.D.I.C. study, a $27 overdraft fee that a customer repays in two weeks on a $20 debit purchase, would incur an annual percentage rate of 3,520 percent. By contrast, penalty interest rates on credit cards generally run about 30 percent.


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Lifelong Health: 'New School' Medical Care Is Too Focused on Business

Dr. David Lipschitz

Recently, a giant in the field of medicine, Dr. Thomas E. Andreoli, died. He will be sorely missed. His obituary described him as unashamedly "old school"; honor, integrity, service, the needs of the patient and scholarship were his highest priorities.

Life Long Health continued

click link for more medical bull sht , no not all people who claim to be DRs. are ethical


Flu Season

by George A. Crawford III

The swine flu, sinus infections, seem to be in the news a lot.


...and another thing

When you buy an apple at the grocery store, you know what that little sticker is for. It gives the cashier a code to ring up the sale.

But that sticker also has a secret to share with you – something that doesn't concern the cashier at all.

According to the website Fruit Sticker (fruitsticker.com), the code reveals some very useful information:
* Conventionally grown produce has a four-digit number on the sticker.
* Organic produce gets a five-digit number that begins with a 9.
* And produce items that are genetically modified also get five digits, but they begin with an 8.

So the produce aisle, more than anywhere else in life, is where being a 9 makes you MUCH better than being an 8!

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson




I have been told the most important things people can do for their health... are:

These 12 things are so simple, they don't seem very important... But they are. I look for simple, cheap, and safe things to improve the long-term quality of my life. You can, too!

Here's to your health, wealth, and a long life of quality.

12 Things continued

By Michael A. Robinson

Dear Reader,

Forget about using a keyboard to type in your question on Google or Bing. Ditto for voice control on your smart phone.

Soon you'll be able to control your computer or mobile device just by moving your eyes.

A British research team did just that with a new system that costs less than $100 - all with parts they could simply pull off a shelf.

In a moment, I'll give you all the details. But first, let's put this breakthrough in context.

You see, for most of us surfing the Web, writing emails or sending texts is so routine we don't even give it a second thought. In fact, it sometimes seems that mobile phones, in particular, have become part of our bodies. (Just try telling my teenagers to stop texting at the dinner table.)

And yet, millions around the world simply cannot join the digital age for a simple reason.

Their bodies won't let them, either because of disease or severe injuries.

That covers a wide range of problems from adults with lost limbs or broken spinal cords to kids who have muscular dystrophy, an illness that causes the muscles to wither away.

But all that is about to change...

Fact is, cutting-edge eye-control tech promises to have a profound impact on the way humans use a wide range of machines. We're taking about everything from controlling robots and wheelchairs to setting the timer on your coffee maker.

It's thanks to the research team at Imperial College London that this tech is finally within reach.

Today's standard eye-tracking systems (like those used by the U.S. military) cost "tens of thousands of times" more money than the system they built, the research team noted.

With this milestone behind us, I predict this new system - or something like it - will bring eye-control tech to the masses.

Team leader Aldo Faisal agrees. He says just about anyone can learn to control devices with their eyes. In his project, people became adept at using the system in just a few minutes.

Faisal's team got their results, published July 12 in the Journal of Neural Engineering, by having test subjects play Pong, that early table-tennis video game that debuted way back in 1972. They not only played the game without a head set, test subjects also learned to surf the Web and write emails using only their eyes.

Dubbed the GT3D, the system includes two fast video-game console cameras attached to a pair of cheap glasses and "smart" software that processes the input quickly.

The cameras took constant pictures of the eyes and tracked just where the pupils were pointing. That allowed the research team to figure out the precise spot where a person was looking.

Turns out the system works in 3D. The research team devised ways to figure out how far in the distance the test subjects looked. This last detail could prove crucial; the spatial control would allow people to work an electric wheelchair just by looking where they want to go.

Really, the possibilities are endless...

Just by using a simple eye movement, like a wink, paralyzed patients - or any one for that matter - could turn the pages of a book in their e-reader or "tell" a robot to clear the dishes off the dinner table.

No doubt, this milestone clearly fits into the Era of Radical Change. Not long ago, eye-control was the stuff of sci-fi or advanced U.S. defense platforms. But in the near future it will become a reality for millions around the globe. It's also one of the reasons I say the world of high tech moves faster these days than what most folks can get their minds around.

Consider this related piece of news that came out on the very same day...

A team in the Netherlands said a new system will allow paralyzed people to control computers with just their minds.

This brain-computer link from UMC Utrecht relies on an advanced MRI scanner. Test subjects looked at a computer screen that allowed them to see just what a camera on a toy robot was looking at. In turn, the MRI scanner measured the brain activity of the test subject. Then, the computer "learned" when the four test subjects were thinking left, right, or forwards.

Each of the volunteers got the robot to complete a course of about 30 feet with four stops along the way. All the while, the "drivers" were lying inside the MRI machine - just thinking about what they wanted the robot to do.

"All four study subjects were able to control the robot very quickly," said brain researcher Nick Ramsey, who led the team. "They all felt in control of the robot. This means that this type of brain-computer interface is very easy to master. Training is barely needed."

Ramsey said this is a crucial step in proving the long-term potential for this type of approach. Later, patients will have electrodes implanted in their brains to track their thoughts and control robots.

It's hard to predict how long it will take either of these systems to come to market. If I had to guess, I'd say the eye-tracker will come out sooner because it's cheaper and easier to use - at least for now.

But either system would be a godsend to millions of paralyzed people around the world. It will give them a brand new lease on life, a way to take control of their surroundings that today they can only dream about.


urban farming

By Doug Casey in Conversations with Casey:

It's amusingly coincidental that I happen to have been at a health spa when I wrote an article for this month's Casey Report, on the so-called national health care crisis. That is, of course, mostly hysteria. Overhauling the U.S. medical system will do absolutely nothing to improve the health of the population. American medicine is extremely good for acute problems and diseases, but when it comes to health maintenance, it's next to useless.

You know, Michael Moore, who is physically obese, intellectually dishonest, and philosophically unsound (what a pathetic combination - he should run for Congress), made the argument in his ridiculous movie that the average Cuban is healthier than the average American. That's totally correct - but it has absolutely nothing to do with the health care system. The average Cuban isn't healthier than the average American because his health care system is better. It's a horrible - actually, a primitive health care system. The technology stopped advancing there back in 1960, and the doctors stopped learning new things in that year… medicines… Nothing has changed since 1960. But the average Cuban is in much better health than the average American.

There are two reasons for that: he has a much better diet, which is to say that he eats way fewer calories (and they are unrefined calories), and he gets a lot more exercise than the average American.

When things change in Cuba, so they have a diet like that of the average American and the same kind of transportation as the average American, the average Cuban will be in much worse shape.

People conflate the health of a population with a country's medical system, when these things really have almost nothing to do with each other.

What this actually shows is the degraded state of American society. Instead of taking some personal responsibility for their health and lifestyle choices, they try to rely on medicos to engage in heroic efforts to keep them alive with tubes up their noses after they've become flaccid and bloated from a lifetime of bad habits.

 A London research team found that "people who drink moderately, exercise, quit smoking and eat five servings of fruit and vegetables each day live on average 14 years longer than people who adopt none of these behaviors." The study tracked vitamin C as a measure of how much fruit and vegetables people were eating.

Nobel laureate Linus Pauling's How to Live Longer and Feel Better, which advocates the use of vitamin C, is on my 2008 reading list. Pauling took massive doses of vitamin C and lived to age 93. My grandmother lived to 92, and my 82-year-old father can still beat me at tennis. I exercise, eat fruit, drink moderately, and don't smoke.



The day has just started

A new chance to begin

Or is this a dreaded thought

That you can never win

      The beauty that you see

      The greatness that you find

      The blemish you point out

      Looking for anything unkind 

            The glass is half full

            Or is it almost empty

            The market has the bulls

            The bears seek negativity

                  Is it the good that you see

                  When you look at the trees

                  Is it the beauty in fall leafs

                  The colors of sugars emptied

                        Are the branches bare and dead

                        Or just waiting for a new spring

                        Is winter cold and dreary

                        Are snow flakes flying on wings

                              Is the sun just rising

                              Is the sun just setting

                              Is the end of the day here

                              A new day over there

Winter is now coming

Fire places will be lit

Families will together

Enjoy the heat as they sit

      Is the summer south of the north

      Something every one should see

      Women at the beaches

      Christmas in Sydney

            Is my life half over

            At 2 years shy of half a century

            May god give me strength

            To live and go the length

                  Which makes my life half full

                  Over 5 decades left to pull

                        If everything is a joke

                        If you laugh instead of cry

                        The truth will prove the lies

                        Why should I even try

If you are objective

Keep an open mind

Show no negativity

Trying to be kind

      Is that realistic

      The best way to go

      Is always positive and agreeable

      Just a dumb show

            Every point of view has a grain of salt

            Who is telling who what, can always tell a lot

             If no one ever lied or smudged the truth

             No fraud would exist

             Perceptions, interpretations, would be less of a list

                   If you try to be non partial

                   Tell it like it is

                   You see it that way

                   God may be what they say

                        Is anyone a god

                        Can anyone do that play

To play the game it is thought

You compete or lose a lot

      If it turns unfair

      No rules that anyone cares

      What does anyone play for

      Death or a new spot

            Does wisdom come with age

            What you see is what you get

            When you turn the page

            The more your mind gets lit

                  To say nothing at all

                  Is best sometimes they say

                  If what you say is heard bad

                  Makes them go away

                        Leading down the path you do

                        Of glory or destruction

                        What’s the motivation

                        More of an addition

                        Or just bad construction

When the skies drop rain

Snow, hail, and cause us pain

Is this cleansing the air

Bringing water for life

Or just falling planes-trains and cars

No heat for your wife

       Pros and cons exist

       Argued among the best

       Time always brings on

       What will be next

by george a crawford 3 november 2009





It's Good to Know: The End of Cavities?

Picture a world where teeth never get cavities. It would mean the end of fillings and root canals. No one would have to suffer the ignominy of dentures.

This is the future that researchers are hoping to help create. The only catch: It involves voluntarily putting bacteria into our mouths.

Streptococcus mutans is the bacterium that is mainly responsible for cavities. It feeds on sugar and then produces the lactic acid that destroys teeth. The researchers developed a new strain of bacteria that destroy and replace S. mutans in the mouth. This new strain does not produce lactic acid, so it won't cause tooth decay. It is transferred to patients with a simple cotton swab.

Tests are underway to rule out unforeseen consequences.

(Source: popsci.com; oragenics.com)


click on holidays
click on holidays





by George A. Crawford III 1-19-09 

I know her
she knows me

we can be forever free

our love and lives
grow like the trees

stronger, larger, than we can believe

clean the air

breath for free

she shall be

forever with me

a long time ago, we asked our selves
what will happen in our place

we live here now, been there before

next time we meet it shall be in the palace we create

I knew her, she knew me
we will be for ever free

as one our love
as one our lives
spring will come and flowers will bloom

the trees will shade, more than the years before

comfort we seek and shall find

happiness is peace of mind

time together, she with me

happy times will forever be

Jan 19 09 11:35 am

5pm ? where




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Adapted from Your Naturally Healthy Home, by Alan Berman.

Houseplants are our often-overlooked helpers in ridding the air of pollutants and toxins, counteracting outgassing and contributing to balanced internal humidity.

Find out which houseplants are our most effective allies in
keeping your household air clean and pure.

It is suggested that one plant should be allowed for approximately
10 square yards of floor space, assuming average ceiling heights
of 8 to 9 feet. This means that you need two or three plants to
contribute to good air quality in the average domestic living
room of about 20 to 25 square yards.

Research has shown that these 10 plants are the most effective
all-around in counteracting offgassed chemicals and contributing
to balanced internal humidity.

  • Areca palm
  • Reed palm
  • Dwarf date palm
  • Boston fern
  • Janet Craig dracaena
  • English ivy
  • Australian sword fern
  • Peace Lily
  • Rubber plant
  • Weeping fig

Although many plants like light, they do not all have to be placed near windows. Many indoor plants originated in the dense shade of tropical forests and have a high rate of photosynthesis. These are ideal for the home and can be placed in darker corners. When positioning plants, try to strike a balance between light and ventilation because the effect of plants on indoor air pollution appears to be reduced if they are set in a draft.




skin cancer




















it is true that everything that comes close to you

creates a brew that is like a glue of what you knew

a new debut will not erase the hate of the past

just know who

and how to construe

then perhaps things will turn the right way for you


the law is the law, an owner is an owner..... George A. Crawford III





call George 913-732-3914
email KCRoomMates@aol.com






I read that cell phones cause radiation brain damage, as well as wire less routers for Internet. I unplugged my wire less router today and plugged my lap top into an Ethernet to the cable modem and I already notice that I do not have as many head aches from using my computer.

Official warns against Internet medication

CHELTENHAM, England (UPI) -- A coroner in England has warned against buying medications over the Internet after a policewoman died of an accidental overdose of drugs she got online.

Lynne Manklow, a 44-year-old woman with multiple sclerosis, was found dead at her home in Cheltenham after taking the muscle relaxer Orphenadrine, which she bought from a Web site, The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday.

The medication can lift the mood of people who suffer from the neurological condition, the newspaper said.

Gloucestershire coroner Alan Crickmore said the medication should not be available on the Internet.

"I think this is probably a more dangerous drug for effective social use than people perhaps realize," he said."That is one of the reasons why, in my view, drugs like this should not be available over the Internet to people who do not have proper understanding of the effects."

Speaking at an inquest following the woman's June death, Crickmore said there was no evidence to suggest the woman deliberately took an overdose.

"But there is evidence that here was a woman who might have a reason to try to lift her mood," he said.

Copyright 2008 by United Press International



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Healthy Diet


Autumn- wikipedia (click here)







my degrees were not necessarily earned to work at
an auto co. strategically I am open to Billion$/yr contracts today, the way things have turned out




So far we (our family) have weathered the storm for 3 reasons: 1. I spent time on the streets of Argentina and knew we were going the same way and the same schemes would be used to make it look like the loans will be repaid. This is called creative accounting. 2. Basically I am a rancher/veterinarian and general aviation pilot where we always leave ourselves some leeway. (Eastern Oregon, keep 2 years hay supply just in case). 3. My family did well in the 1930's using a philosophy that does not put all our eggs in one basket. I might correct you in one area. Economics overshadows science/logic. Politics overshadows economics and culture overshadows politics. (I am Culture and logic-GAC III) We now have a culture where we believe what we read and you can buy insurance that covers anything and it will. Do we really believe we will have a workable health care system whereby we do not have to pay out of our own pockets? See what I mean by culture. Really insurance is just hoping someone else will bail you out Our culture has gotten to the point whereby we expect the government will bail you out. We are not responsible for our poor decisions and this also includes our health. Creative accounting is culturally acceptable. When you get caught so what. You are not going to change that culture so accept it or move to a place like Russia where they will not because they have lost the ability to do it.  We will be an Argentine and probably a Russia someday. It may take 50 + years."

Nuclear Fusion Milestone Could Provide Power For Thousands of Years

For decades, researchers have toiled away in the quest to provide nuclear power that is cheap, safe, and stable.

And for just as long, skeptics have said their work will never pay off.

But a team from Sandia National Labs has just hit a new milestone that is paving the way for a viable nuclear-fusion concept at last.

This breakthrough is crucial for two reasons.

First, U.S. environmental groups still largely oppose our current type of nuclear power. It's based on nuclear fission- in which one atom inside a reactor gets split into two. Nuclear power plants use the resulting release of energy to warm water and produce steam to drive turbines.





What's New?

History of Green: The First 'Green' Car
Henry Fords 1941 Soymobile
By Dale Y the Green Guy
Henry Ford is the father of the 'green' car movement, but not many people know about it. He loved to tinker with things, and to experiment and manufacture ideas just for the sake of doing it. That's one of the reasons that so many automotive innovations came out of the Ford factories in the 20's and 30's.

But perhaps his least known and what might have been his best idea came to fruition on August 13th, 1941, when Henry Ford unveiled his revolutionary Soymobile to the public. It was a prototype, to be sure, but a working prototype none the less, and incorporated ideas clearly 50 years ahead of their time, and truthfully, we are still catching up! 

The body panels were made of soybean plastic, which was a combination of soybean fibers and resins, molded into the correct shapes to fit on the cars body. Just that alone cut 1000 pounds of weight from the car, yet, it was claimed be to be more solid than steel and virtually crush proof in a rollover. They were even painted with soybean oil based paint!

The tires were made from the plants of goldenrod, essentially a goldenrod rubber compound that rivaled conventional rubber in every respect. For you see, at that time, rubber was actually very expensive and difficult to obtain, so Henry Ford decided to make his own rubber with a virtually inexhaustible supply of goldenrod plants found everywhere in North America.

Top all of this off with the fact that this ingenious automobile burned ethanol for fuel! That's right, the same ethanol we are finally manufacturing today in massive quantities as a solution to our fossil fuel addiction, Henry Ford had it all figured out way back when. On the eve of the great war, he already had it pegged that gasoline would be in short supply, so what better way to keep America rolling in Fords, than to make vehicles that didn?t need to burn gasoline.

Another prototype was nearing completion when the war came on, and Henry had every intention to market and mass-produce these unique vehicles. But, the visionary that even Ford was, he failed to see that all motorcar production was going to be stopped to aid the war effort. Building planes and tanks in these factories took precedence over building cars, no matter how revolutionary they were. And afterwards, Americans went on a spending spree and didn?t care about innovation; they just wanted bigger and badder Detroit steel vehicles underneath them.

Sadly, that was the end of the Soymobile, and the original prototype was busted up decades ago. But imagine if we had stayed neutral or at least a paper ally during World War II (just a hypothetical). While sending all of our petroleum products oversees to the Brits, Henry Ford's Soymobile just might have become a reality, and we might all be driving 100% ethanol powered cars today! Think about that.

GM BUILDS CAR-- Volt 230 mpg

Neil Young builds 100 mpg car

Getting Started

Green Home, Happy Home

From natural cleaning products to organic bedding, creating a green home is a (sustainable) snap.

Green Home Happy Home cont.


A Short History of the National Debt

Deficits are nothing new. It's the trend that should worry us.

National Debt cont.

George A. Crawford III personal experince  
green tea, I started drinking green tea 2 years ago when I read it helps lower cholesterol. I did lower my cholesterol and last summer was at 200, I need to be below 200 but I am way down from 2 years ago. I also have had a great reduction in the plaque on my teeth, as green tea helps kill plaque in your mouth as well as plaque that can clog your arteries and give you heart attacks. 

I was putting my green tea bags in my compost pile because I read they are great for compost and worms love them. Last summer I read about green tea foot patches which you put on the bottom of you feet to absorb toxins out of your body when you sleep. I started doing this last summer with my tea bags before putting them in my compost. I notice that I sleep better at night and my feet seem to be fresh in the morning, my toe nails are soft, clearer and the callas on the bottom of my feet are soft. I have a toe nail infection on my big toe that is almost clear in the morning after I wear tea bags at night. If I do not wear the tea bag at night my big toe nail gets dark again and my other toe nails get  dark on parts of them, I have worn the tea bags 3 nights in a row now, 3 tea bags on each foot- heal-middle-below the toes. the damp tea bags are taped to my foot which I wrap in an old plastic grocery bag to keep in the moisture and then wear a sock. 

I need 6 tea bags a night to do this and think it is best to not re use tea bags after 1  night. I usually do not use 6 tea bags every day and there for was not doing this every night, plus some nights I did not feel like messing with it. I do see a great improvement in my big toe fungus as well as my toe nails less brittle and soft and I have slept hard the last 3 nights and will try to wear the tea bags every night to clean toxins out of my body, my toe nails and hopefully see a great improvement.

Brewing Up a Pot of Fluoride

By Kelley Herring

You probably know that green tea has an array of active compounds that promote health - from calming theanine to antioxidant EGCG and heart-healthy tannins and cancer-fighting flavonoids.

But there's another active compound in tea that produces some very unpleasant effects. Fluoride.

Fluoride is a toxic substance that can negatively impact multiple organ systems. It has been linked to hypothyroidism, skeletal fluorosis, brittle bones and teeth, gastrointestinal inflammation, and more. And because tea leaves accumulate more fluoride than any other edible plant, enjoying this otherwise healthy beverage could put your health in jeopardy.

To reduce your exposure to fluoride, here are a few things you can do:

1. Steep Less. The longer you steep, the more fluoride you'll reap. In fact, in one study, after tea was steeped for 10 minutes, the measurable amounts of fluoride (and aluminum) almost doubled.

2. Go for White. While all true teas come from the Camellia sinensis plant, the amount of fluoride varies with the different "colors." Green tea contains the most, black tea is next, and white tea contains the least. Instant tea mixes have been found to contain very high levels of fluoride.

3. Opt for Extracts. Many tea extracts, like Body Ecology Diet's Green and Black Tea Extracts and Chi Green Tea Extracts, are free of fluoride.



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