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George A. Crawford III MS BS agrees to work for the contracted amount of $5 Billion/yr, based on current American hedge fund Pay checks. 

Mr. Crawford uses all of his experience of disrespect with all persons involved in the law, securities industry, license offices- as benchmarks for all actions.

________________________________________ A legally licensed business operating in the United States, agrees to pay Mr. Crawford as stipulated in the 1st sentence of this paragraph. 

Such agreements will be publicly announced in all relevant publications, such as Wall Street Journal, local newspapers, and video taped, placed on the World Wide Web for the entire planet to witness,  24/7/365 documentation and historical archives. 

Mr. Crawford will receive 100% respect for his education and opinions, and 100% legal protection from any illegal acts that might be attempted against Mr. Crawford (based on personal experience and precedent-ed- illegal, blind/sided- acts- 'look a likes', identity theft- murder gossip)  
All parties to any such agreements, will have their identity verified with DNA tests, their education, documented with college test scores, ACT GMAT, and a complete listing of their work history- all based on experience Mr. Crawford has dealing with liars, identity frauds, starting with his father 'top lawyer in amerika', real estate agents, and court house mafia/stock broker scum. 

Mr. Crawford swears before America, god, the universe, his intent was always positive, to study engineering - 'do something, be challenged', went to Purdue- never to be an operations manager - (based on polls about Purdue after Mr. Crawford went), indeed based on Purdue's Engineering/Numbers reputation, and the top Public Schools polls in America, as Mr. Crawford was from an environment of 'private business' -not trillion $ market caps, access to capital markets, ceo contracts etc.,  and with experience as an employee of Public companies, before high school diploma. 
The bottom line, BL, is based on common sense and experience, precedent after precedent, credibility or not, every one over 18, is considered a flunk out of kindergarten until proven otherwise- 4ever, no matter how old, how tall, big, 4ever.  

Some of my fav music to share


Every piece of crap incident, issue, gossip = real mind pollution, snow balls for ever and ever into more and more crap and mind pollution, that never goes away, and intelligently most of the times, should not be erased. There are certain issues where 'principles' take priority and should, 4ever. The unfortunate thing about crap snowballs, they avalanche into other places that maybe do not deserve to be part of the crap, but for small reasons are, that might be blow out of proportion, or some who are in no way part of the crap- just caught up in the crap war zone, perhaps such war zones are known by all, and all magnitude of such wars, and the people in charge will be taken out so the common right will prevail and eliminate all conflicts, but I guess that is impossible based on experience. Scum always feel right to themselves to violate laws and common sense rights, label others- those that are right- scum- to themselves, wars/competions that never end, change, evolve, and all is fair in love and war, mix it all up as 'love affairs' family fueds? what ever, leave---- leave as I tell you scum. 


- Business open to the public

- Ownership. 1 share, mutual fund, trust, any conceivable manner

- ACT score = Kansas Scholar

- BS Mechanical Engineering Oklahoma State, in 4 years, not pussy classes, not 1 class a semester to get easier loads, higher gpa, in a bunch of stuff that is 'dream world' not used in reality, non sense- riddled with fraud

- GMAT Score 93% - as good as the average at any top ranked mba school in America in 1983, except MIT, 94%?

- MS Management Purdue Krannert, ranked 'simply as good as it gets in america' again gpa in a bunch of stuff that is 'dream world' not used in reality, non sense- blatant crap,  riddled with fraud


Hand me $1 billion for every incident of disrespect on each of these points, and the disrespect against me with these points at Woolworths and Video Corner- fake ownership gets respect by police, and not my real ownership, real police or fake police? real guns?  


PUBLICLY OWNED with NO Majority Owner

Business License rules for stock brokers, hedge funds and real estate brokerages, etc. on and on