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I have learned from experience, as a kid growing up in my neighborhood, through high school and college, at jobs, before high school diploma and after my masters degree, as a land lord, home owner, I notice attitudes, profiles, games that certain types of persons play, a statistical correlation of such crap/crimes based on persons race, religion, education level, physical size/attributes, jobs, and I dislike a lot of persons based on their profile and my personal one on one experience. Respect gets respect, disrespect gets disrespect, issue/issue- actions get reactions.  My parents obviously were a major influence on my life/motivation, as most persons are.  Credibility, attitude motivation based on precedents, created chaos in my mind starting as a teen, with gossip about my father/mother and as an adult with real jail time for fiction such as trespassing at companies I owned, job license issues/procedure-disrespect, and then after my masters, the person claiming to be my father, Ivy league educated top lawyer in America, his mafia murder identity theft stories, from him, about him and others, complete chaos zero credibility for everything around such persons, including the law/court houses, professional license 'grantors' thus no one is any thing...... common sense, survival in a jungle that claims to be civilization, perhaps worse than a real jungle, because in a real jungle, common sense knows what to expect.
Entitlements, based on what reasons? valid? relevant?, credible? to receive positive rights or to get to do negative things? as some people justify with games- crap is crap.......... precedent of crap- last forever, cause reactions, on and on, snow balls, avalanches, crap does not change- once crap, always crap, deny past crap? just ignites more fires...... less and less credibility for all involved, past crap ignored? what ever...

me in the middle thanksgiving 2012





me middle 2007?
January 2010

70% flunked the first semester
90% never earned a degree, I did in 4 years

I did go to OK ST. because of an engineering scholarship offer. I was smart in math and science, and had no idea what engineering was about. I did study engineering to take CHALLENGING classes. I did not study mechanical engineering because I like 'mechanical' things or to be an HVAC person. Maybe some other students did, or just wanted training in one special area to apply to a 'job' they had or family business, as some said. I did go to COLLEGE to become a college graduate, a 4 year Big 8 University in TOUGH classes. I always place a College degree above a high school diploma, or drop out- always based on my pre high school diploma experience- I classify every one as a flunk out of high school until proven otherwise, a nothing- as I was treated myself, pure minimum wage. Any person over 18 who says my degrees do not matter, is automatically nothing, zero credibility, and nothing I want to associate with, as a pro/money.
 I hate people who say ownership does not matter, disrespecting-  'common stock owners own the company'-my EASY A+, I hate people who just say stuff like that to me. I hate people who direspect the major issues I have encountered. I hate punks who dish it out, but do not take it back. Look a likes, gossips, murderers, identity theft, gossip of such from dead dad, his friends, frat brothers, engineering students I barely knew- and now know many were frauds and look a likes- with or with out their knowledge- to me. I hate punks who never had a contract with me, who bug me, act like anything is between 'us' based on their punk make believe land idiot heads. I hate punks, idiots, liars-experienced most of my 'pro' experience- every where, school, hood, jobs, the law, court, church, every where.


was ranked top #4 public, #3, 'AS GOOD AS IT GETS'
has been called 'the most difficult mba in america'

I did go to Purdue, because it was top ranked for PUBLIC schools/companies. I did go to Purdue because of the top engineering in America reputation. I did not go to Purdue to study operations. No polls existed breaking down subjects when I went that I ever saw. I did go to Purdue because it was among the least expensive of all TOP Schools. I did not go to Purdue to live in Indiana, ditto Ok St.. I did say and know a lot of the classes were crap, based on my real experience, common sense, and partied every night, ditto for OK ST. (not every night but..) I did experience crap fraud with grades, group projects, ditto OK ST. thus, my view of 'scholarship' is not much based on crap content, biased teachers, fraud by students/teachers?, for and against some, I believe common sense issue/issue is more important, intelligence, more important, than gpa based on precedents of fraud and crap.  As there was no unnanamous #1 school, another reason for my going to Purdue, was to establish low cost expense , to get the best bargain, my own little thing- bargains, and all punks who say only rich people can go to such schools, I establish that although I was neither poor or rich, I got simply as good as it gets, for simply as low of a cost as it gets.


different polls say different things each year
#4 public, 1983 barrons guide, when I went
I had to be sponsered to take the test, franklin
life insurance in SM KS was my company
ACT TEST SCORE 1978 KS SCHOLAR, sent to me in 2011
99% Math in Nation I believe my origional score was 96% (math 98%) shows lack of precise credibility



really this score sent to me from the act testing company around 2011, as the origional was 1978/79, I think my best score was 98% math, this shows lack of precise credibility for such issues, to give positive entitlements, and as many have felt entitled to violate the law, disrespect me, based on education, gpa, degrees, issues- I always reply with things like this, and based on all fraud, lack of precise credibility with all such issues, and my life time of nazi, legal disrespect, I will hit back all who have 'hit' me, as the law has called it, excused for what ever reasons by legal enforcement, who demonstrate they themselves have zero credibility, with my life/issues












Literal, all issues will be addressed in a professional/respectful manner, or meet with WW3, all issues against myself, my heritage, will be responded to based on significance, and disrespect. Literal.

Nothing is better than something not good enough
the smartest man in the room
rich is defined as at least $1 Billion/yr in pay check, rich people do not work, they play, if you are not rich, then you are poor, put up or shut up. punks mouth off, the dumber they are, the More they mouth off and try to beat by everything but intelligence and education, and what they pull, is really nothing, not professional, punks/boys/games/babies/punks
George Crawford ‎"Man was born to be rich, or inevitably to grow rich, through the use of his faculties." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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George Crawford To learn who rules over you, simply learn who you are not allowed to criticize. 
— Voltaire

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. 
— Goethe
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George Crawford who's crap do you put up with? for how long? are you sure exactly who they are? ----- CRAWFORD
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PGATOUR.com - PGA TOUR Statistics
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George Crawford I play golf for fun
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George Crawford http://money.cnn.com/2012/03/30/markets ... /index.htm

The highest earning hedge fund manager is ...
The 25 top earning hedge fund managers took home $22 billion in 2011. That's dow...See More
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George Crawford I work for money
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George Crawford http://www.forbes.com/lists/2011/12/ceo ... _land.html

America's Highest Paid CEOs
Bosses are again feeling flush, receiving their first bump since 2006. Our top 5...See More
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George Crawford I always hate fagots who put words in my mouth or talk about me, real fagots, they need it done to themselves
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George Crawford ‎"Man was born to be rich, or inevitably to grow rich, through the use of his faculties." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Credibility exists no where I have ever been
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precedent the money is shown on here, among the biggies
Site Admin
Posts: 26
Joined: Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:02 pm

the questions, 'why did you do that?' 'do you think you are better than me?' have been asked by others to myself my entire life, at jobs, interviews, conducting business, most things I do are based on what comes along my way in life and experiences are logically used to make future decisions. the theories of school vs the realities of life contradict each other many times, can be correct but not able to be capitalized upon, and I always say my real experience is why I went to college, and my real experience made a lot of the classes crap. not only crap ideas from teachers/books, but fraud in the process with grades, for and against certain people, thus the motivation to try, not too high, and the credibility of every thing, non existent. Some of my favorite words/ideas are- owner, precedent, benchmark, credibility, relevance, respect, think.   

George A. Crawford III

To find a challenging position utilizing my education and experience in business in the investments area.  BASED ON EXPERIENCE, send me your education and work experience, I do not waste my time dealing with punks, inferior snots, or anyone not good enough, even then, trust has been breached and precedented non enforceable by the rules, law, so what? punks........ do not waste my time.  

M.S. Management, Strategic Planning, Finance and Marketing, 93% GMAT
Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University, 1985
Ranked as high as any graduate business school in America according to several rankings, no one ranking, poll, class, means everything, and I will apply individual rankings, classes, etc. to any and all issues. 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering,
Oklahoma State, University, 1983
(I did something.........................- I THINK)

Kansas Scholar, ACT test, 96% 98% math- SM South HS 1979

GAC Capital Management, Chairman-Investment Manager 1979-today
denied series 65 license after I passed the test, I had to fight to take the test to start my own company, I was not sponsored by another, the license idiots said my degrees and high test scores do not matter, like they have done at KC area stock broker offices since 1985 when I earned them and had me arrested for fictitious crimes 10+ times such as trespassing. Since precedents have been established of disrespect for my ownership, before college, during, after BS MS that made a lot of classes pure crap,(based on reality of ownership meaning nothing) I want the market rate of pay, 10 $ figures/yr in 2011, pay back and time in jail for every person involved with my jail/mental hospital time for trespassing etc. maximum lock down until the punks are dead. A billion$ for each incident seems reasonable- punks.  

Investment, growth type of stocks using fundamental and technical analysis.

Performed financial analysis of companies to determine investment potential, the analysis includes rate of earnings growth and cash flow. This also includes a strategic analysis of the company and industry the company exists in. I have experience in retail sales of investments with face to face contact with investors explaining risk and reward as well as NAV for mutual funds.

Author, Finance by GAC

I created www.LearnABetterLife.com,  

Crawford Consulting, Chairman 1985-today
Financial, Strategic, MIS, and Marketing consulting to small businesses and research companies

Crawford Advertising, Chairman 1982-today

Landlord, Bed and Breakfast, www.KCRoomMates.com 2005-present

Travel Consultant and Guide, North America and Europe 1976-present

Financial Consultant, Franklin Financial Services of American General 1995
Developed investment and insurance strategies for individuals and small businesses
Obtained series 7(scored  91%, when allowed to take the test) & 63 Securities licenses and life and health insurance license
was let go after my first sale, I was led to sell before my license was official, but based on experience, EVERYTHING IS 1 STEP AT A TIME - cleared and settled, one step/precedent at a time
'fight for a job' was spoken to me by a jr college degree ahead of me in the 'multi level-marketing skeem' I DO NOT FIGHT FOR JOBS, WITH COMPLETE INFERIORS FOR WHAT CRAP JOB? I PRO-ONLY

Health Care Promoter and Fitness Instructor, 1979-today

Owner- Manager, Video Corner, 1982-1989
A pioneer investor in the video movie rental industry. living family hell I worked at video corner because my money and lawyer? father were on it, to become a billionaire, every issue I experienced during and after video corner lasts forever- do not bug me fagits. PRIVATE VIDEO CORNER FAGITS My goal was to build a business, bigger than wal mart, and have more personal wealth than #1 on that list- Sam Walton, family hell etc. destroyed my motivation/4ever since. 

Golf Instructor, 1971-today
Model-Actor 1963-present
various crap retail jobs before high school diploma, and after masters, safeway, fw woolworths, wal mart, dillards, jones, wards. every issue I experienced working before high school diploma  lasts forever, FAGITS, fagits bug men, put their fagit nose in none of their fagit business, as fagits.
volunteer, habitat humanity, churches, Kauffman center for performing arts- 35 years of dealing with the public, punks, wanna be pretender snot offs, all kinds- nothings. punk scum liars in management, sales, and customers, all sides of the issues, police who are 'employees' steal things from the warehouse, and get away with it, punk old men mouthing off all around town, even after I quit working in the joke environment, thinking they are 'the boss' where ever they are? idiot punks scum jokes. 
Residential Real Estate Sales, 1989-2005, started at coldwell banker, owned by sears at the time, was put in 'the sleeper hold' from behind in a hidden contract room by another realtor, todd crm, who had asked me to help him with a contract, knocked out from behind in a chair with my coat and tie on. a few months later, a new broker was in the office, dave jnson, who made up crap to kick me out of 'his office' saying he never wanted me to get my 2 years in to be a broker. various similar crap at jc nichols, reece, until around 2005 when I tried to get a broker license and was denied, based on crap at stock broker offices, my father, and lost my sales license, the entire industry is crap/lies/fraud/set ups.
everything is crap based on my experience- the law/police/court/business license offices. thus my motivation starting at age 16.

· Perform Capital Budgeting
· Financial Analysis
· Investment Management
· Customer Service
· Management Skills

References available upon request

Purdue Kansas City Alumni  
Oklahoma State Kansas City Alumni 
Beta Theta Pi Alumni 
Church volunteer 

blackjack ace 
youth adviser 
karaoke award winner 

I did not go to Oklahoma St. to live in Oklahoma, or settle for crap bull shit jobs, tolerate disrespect, or Purdue to live in Indiana or settle for crap jobs, disrespect, just to become the richest man in America, highest compensation in America, doing what ever I feel, with no limits or boundaries, strategically, any thing, based on personal experience or American precedent.  ceo, hostile takeovers, investment banking, hedge funds, business owner, entrepreneur. no limits/boundaries or interference. all such crap ignites WW3.... punks dish it out, need it slammed back harder than ever dreamed of.  

I did not go to college because of or to be any college mascot, such as a 'cowboy' 'poke' 'boilermaker' but for 10$ figures/yr, as I am a man who works for money, I would do those 'jobs'

When I was a student at Ok.St. I joined a frat, Beta Theta Pi, in large part because I was a legacy, and a lot of hazing indeed disrupted studying, classes that were riddled with crap not worth studying, fraud, during tests, in the computer transcripts center,  for and against individuals, homework copy sessions, and right before graduation, a couple of mech engr frat group individuals, who I guess had news that I was accepted to Purdue to get a masters, who had my transcripts, which just backs up their access to commit gpa transcripts fraud, Harry, a phi delt, who took 7 or 8 years to earn his BS, perhaps to get a higher gpa with easier loads each semester, and Bill the delt, who might have had one of the top gpa's in our class, of 15 or 20 graduates, out of 1000+ the first week in engineering day 1, approached me in the dark one night outside, and threatened me, as harry was wanting a job at ibm, and they would only hire 1 osu mech engr grad, and harry was as bill stated, bigger than me and had a higher gpa. IBM WAS NEVER A THOUGHT TO ME, merrill lynch was, and punks mouthing off about it, my gpa, they are all jokes/nothings, I OWN< what was your gmat act idiot punks? gpa? we will go class for class, load for load, etc. This was 1983 in april or may.

During the summers, some of my frat brothers worked in the oil fields, earning $30,000 maybe some said in 3 months, enough to live well all school year, when I inquired about such work, some told me I would get injured, set up, and some directly threatened me. -indirect helpful warnings?, indirect and direct threats? scare tactics?- WHATEVER, and I did not graduate so 'all I would have to do is sit in an oil refinery and watch gauges' for $30k/yr----- if any American does hostile takeovers, then I will, try, and what are those individuals act gmat scores we read about, allowed to legally conduct such activities? WHATEVER..... 

I have told my friends, that I went to osu partly because of an engr scholarship, started there, and decided no matter what crap I experienced, to earn my degree in 4 years, which I did. I have called some high school flunk out equivalents who say my degrees do not matter, anyone is that until prov-en otherwise, and none of those persons are billionaire rich with jobs I would ever want, care about, so what? Some 'friends' have insulted me, said my degrees do not matter, I have given them helpful warnings that 'I want to blow people like you away who mess with/fuck me' and since I know I want to blow people/places away, that others must have the same motivation, thus I do not want to be killed in these 'war zones' as before college people told me such 'warnings' and even girls saying 'you have to murder someone to be a merrill lynch vice president', like a 'fraternity initiation' process, as a lot of the crimes against me have been 'excused' by individuals in the law/medical 'professions' as 'just fraternity things'.

 other gossip- women saying they will shoot my father and I will perform oral sex on them, women telling me to shoot people and they will perform oral sex on me, guys saying 'I will shoot your father'  like it 'is known' they shoot people at Merrill lynch, and I didn't believe it. Same crap of killing my father at smith barney, PaineWebber, because of his degrees, that they use against those they can, and murder their superiors- before my college and during, then after my masters, the 'dad' saying' the mer mgr shot and killed an engineer like you, he did not need his crap, his daughter just sits in the office and performs oral sex on the man who killed her father, it seems to be a sick game- they kill individuals who are better than themselves- use their punk inferior degrees on those they can, justify any and everything logically to who ever, and enjoy killing their betters and having those murdered person's children perform sex on them or go on and become rich and famous, as their parents - who started from little to nothing, worked honest and hard to achieve what the murderers could never do, and then these punks murder the parents who did the 'impossible' yet never the riches and billion$ precedent-ed and give it to their children, after they murder the parents-who did something- fair and honest- and then have it all taken away- stolen, murdered.  whatever- no excuses- and forever responses...............  

Then at Purdue, several grad students who had worked at ibm, acted all nice, wanting me to join their study groups, seemed to know about that osu ibm 'thing'. Some students were 40s 50s and I was 21 - there was also crap at Purdue, behind the back shit, grades based on my experience with such crap, and a lot of the content, do not mean much. The main prof preached the first semester 'we teach you useful ideas' then the 2nd year said 'you all can not do what we teach you' which was my experience before high school diploma, and ok st. so nothing new, a main motivation in my study efforts, day 1.  this prof of finance told the class- when I talked about his teaching of 'the purpose of a company is to maximize stock owner value, and the efficient market theory'- that I say it is 'just a certificate', then he told me I would be arrested in stock broker offices in kansas city, 'they are salesmen' a thought that had been expressed at ok st. and before college, also contradicted by my 'lawyer father' who called it crap- my teachers, and that statement was correct- 'IT IS CRAP', but also realistic, giving no one credibility, and based on my past 30 years of crap, identity theft-look a like- murder gossip, I believe it is possible some one murdered my natural father and the dad? who died 1.5 years ago was a fraud, a babbling idiot punk for 25 years I KNOW that- he and the law/courts houses.

   Last year at church, tony an oriental guy, and a teke from ku like my younger brother, acted nice to me one time saying 'ibm is a good company' and made reference to the phi delt and delt from osu, 30 years ago- as he worked at ibm, a year  before that he called me 'shrimp' with attitude, in his house at a church function, ibm is a 'good company'? maybe for some, they may sign my contract as I SAY.   My brother insults my Purdue Masters, my dead dad did so much beyond insulting my degrees, that I believe he murdered my natural father, stole his identity, and talked as though he was part of a network of look a like identity thieves of my 'natural father' he and the law/court established nazi punk disrespect, zero credibility, the law, medical punks- all groups with zero credibility. Credibility, for those who think, with a brain in their head, know, real, from fraud/lies/idiot punk nothing, which is every where. Punks labeled 'professionals' justify their actions against myself with lies, fraud, irrelevant crap, disrespect my IQ ACT GMAT, call me dumb because of my college gpa, which was below B average, and based on my experience, that shows some what more credibility and intelligence than punks who committed fraud, killed to get a gpa, what ever, and most could never pass the 1st semester, the way I did, or grad in 4 years, punks/fagits with gpa in pussy classes and fraud... act, iowa basic skills- credebility- punk fagits... destroy my brain with drugs in mental hospitals? with the nazi police/judges/drs in jail? destroy you punk nazis... and when those persons talk or work, they demonstrate they are idiots, punks, and maybe frauds all the way to identity



 A month ago I called a guy at church, asked him about tony and ibm, he said they were teke frat brothers at ku, later that same day, an explosion on the plaza made national news, 1 person killed, many injured, destroyed a restaurant, where fiber optic cables being laid, google?, in the building, broke a gas line, the smell was noticed by some customers, who were told 'it is all right' but some left any way, the employees were told to stay and work, one of them died.

A similar murder took place at a local jewish center a day after I saw bill the delt from ok st mech engr on linkden, and emailed him, with some questions. Seems too much of a coincidence.  

I notice a correlation when I type things on my web sites,  facebook, things happen, when I email or talk on my phone, things happen, the black guy in the townhouse next to me seems to intercept the cable through our walls, listen to my phone calls, my Internet, my emails, and see what I am doing in various rooms of my house, as I hear them react through the common wall.  Someone, including them I believe, enters my house when I am gone, poisons my food. They have established face to face attitude.  Non white persons, almost all blacks, have been a problem around me, as renters, neighbors, what ever. (sometimes too perfect as a show to me at first, or others, then a real bad problem in private/behind my back). Not everything  typed onto the Internet, my web sites, my face book is by me, some hackers seem to access my Internet and slip in little things, that are not by me, including after I use public Internet, such as the microsoft store at oak park mall here in op ks.  any person who starts up crap with me, should expect replies. Any disrespect against myself will be answered, all issues will be professionally addressed or if not, precedented to what extremes, replied to forever.  

As a white boy fagit punk around my house has snotted off 'woolworths' 'woman' as others have around other places in town, I have based on pre hs diploma experience worked in retail, including woolworths- just for money- and I was told by dad to get a job and work- so I did....,  as real men work for $, not with or around punk, snot,  fagits. As almost every nigger I have been around has turned into a problem, who I choose I associate with as a pro, and my free time is my business. I am a man, not a 'retailor' but will sign a contract with a retail co. board of directors for my billion$/yr as a pro, and work as agreed as long as each pay check agreed to - clears and settles. pro as I am, day 1.....  fagits....

I know all of the fagit gossip I have experienced from the dead dad? of mine, the top lawyer in America, ivy league degrees, gossip about him, identity theft, look a likes, murder crap in my ears and mind for over 35 years, of course it has affected me.  almost every friend? I have is a complete question to me, who they are?  gossip about them from others, true or false, look a like crap, intentional by them or by strangers or both, not just friends? but neighbors,  jobs, anyone I have more than just chance casual contact with, complete strangers using persons names from my life, how ever remotely related to myself, gossip, murder, death gossip, starting at home with the dead dad, stories, gossip, that do not add up or are directly contradicted giving no one credibility. There are such persons in every walk of life, the law court, schools, teachers, medicine/drs/hospitals, police, no one/group/profession is immune from such fraud, thus no credibility to anything, the buttons get pushed, the crap starts and snowballs with destruction, which might end our civilization. planet

I read the current chairman of boeing is named James Mcnereny, a name listed before as the manager of merrill lynch here in KC where the punk disrespect is WW3, these fagots copy people's names, or real people with the same name as others, to make these idiot fagots into heros, names, name changes, fake identities, pure fictitious persons, look a likes, murder identity theft, deke smith,  forrest smith, names from mer against me in court, why? mer lynch penner smith? smith name? a 'smith' with a mechanical engineering degree built the local ford plant himself and does not like me? - well that crap from the dead dad of mine is a complete lie, no individual built the local ford plant themselves, and so what? fagot, that's your pay check agreement, and if you think your crap entitles you to disrespect me, your a dead fagot. as the dead dad mimiced people, sat at his desk acting like he was working, doing absolutely nothing, which his work as a lawyer, was ,  'paper work' his pay check at his law firm, where they do not hire children of lawyers to be lawyers,  and who cares, except his butting his mouth.laws. into my business, a complete fraud lie, after my masters... who cares what fagots like, any idiot who works for ford, works based on any agreement they individually have, nothing to do with me as an owner, and my masters from top in America PURDUE-and I as an individual have never been an employee of ford, gm, boeing, or any company as such that makes 'mechanical' things like planes or autos, but if I ever agreed to such, work, the entire planet will know it, be able to know it right here on my web site, contract, agreed. pay check, cleared and settled. fagots. if any fagot thinks I graduated from high school to work in a manufacturing plant, they are insane, sure for $ billion/wk, fagot idiots, 'just because you own the place does not mean you get a pay check' well 'I do not work for free whether I own the place as a common stock owner or not- punks/fagots' 'you create issues- you get hit harder, ownership is a WW3 issue punk fagots.'

the smartest man in the room, theory, reality- apply to anything- punk fagots- I start as an american OWNER


for precise clarification/credibility, what do I call any one, a umkc mba grad, who calls me poor, flunked, any thing negative, 'fagit- what was your iowa basic skills, act, gmat scores? could you get into Engineering at Ok. St. and pass the first semester the way I did? graduate in 4 years? get into Purdue Krannert? that was ranked simply as good as it gets, when I went? what was the national ranking of your college? the year you went? any years? are you a billionaire ? living in a mansion? have any job I give a shit about or would ever try to get? sure I have flunked some meaningless college classes, at umkc, never even tried, after my masters was cleared and settled, and umkc students asked me why I was even there-since I already had a Purdue MS? another story involving dead daddy, sure I am on food stamps and bankrupt, who are you? everything bad that has been maliciously inflicted upon me by the law/medical -professional Nazis- should be inflicted back and to your punk mouths- see how you like it- punks. 


ibm, any company, sign my contract, cleared and settled, punks mouth off, put up or shut up/maximum lockdown till death

letter da 2010 march, public defenders office march 2011




family, etc.

video corner

my favorite link now- Barley, lowers cholesterol


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