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Since I have been called a 'Big Bad Beta' by law enforcement in jail and drs in mental hospitals under court order to be evaluated by the punks, at age 51 now, and always as an adult, while in normal shape, about 160-170 lbs at 5-9 tall, but indeed, 230lbs before while on forced nazi court ordered drugs, I have never claimed to be or tried to be 'Big and Bad' as a wrestler or any thing, other than to be in healthy shape, and rich as a billionaire.  As I indeed went to Oklahoma State, studied engineering, not pussy kindergarten classes, and was a member of Beta Theta Pi social fraternity, and indeed Oklahoma State is the greatest college wrestling school in ncaa history- but that was nothing to do with my attending the school, I will wrestle with my rules.
As persons in public talk about wrestling to me, 'how I wrestle' attacks behind my back, verbal, physical, poisoning my food etc. even in my own house, I now have little to lose, as the disrespect I have experienced for my degrees, intelligence, and OWNERSHIP have been established by the law, license commissions, stock broker scum, and many other persons involved with so called 'authority' on such issues, as well as medical 'professionals' intentionally using drugs and needles to damage my health, I will sign my wrestling contract and wrestle any of these persons mentioned, or anyone, with the precise details of my contract enforced.
George A. Crawford age 51 in 2013, weight, 160- 175lbs, 5'-8/9" tall, will wrestle
_____________________________________-age _________________________ weight hieght _______________________
known to Mr. Crawford as ________________________________________ (this persons resume, work history-education)
Mr. Crawford's main intent day 1 has always been money, thus he will be paid $1,000,000,000 (One billion US$) for his efforts in this 'wrestling match'
Mr. Crawford will establish precise rules for such match based upon his personal feelings about each individual he wrestles against.

I want to wrestle any and every one involved with
these advertised issues, my rules, technical then physical
I want to wrestle anyone who disrespects my home
property, blind sides me behind my back
I want to wrestle any one who disrespects/ed my
ownership, defined as common stock, in any way imagioned
I want to wrestle anyone who disrespected/s my
degrees, or did so while I earned them, blindsided etc.
I want to wrestle anyone at any job I had, who
blindsided me, judged me with blatent disrespect/lies/fraud
I want to wrestle all law enforcement who jailed
me for fiction, job license commissions for blatent disrespect/judging me